To bring a new breath and perspective to the world of advertising. While doing this job, it is to clinch our quality with confidence by acting ethically. With our advanced design capabilities, to brand all the needs of our customers in the advertising and informatics sectors by producing the most effective and fast solutions and placing them among the best.

About Us

Osmanlı Kutu Ambalaj was established in 2008 in Istanbul 2nd Matbaacılar Site. Since the day it was founded, it has been its primary priority to provide you with the most accurate service at the most affordable prices, with its staff formed by experts in the field.


Osmanli Kutu Ambalaj, which has managed to become a brand in interactive designs such as typography, illustration, logo design, brochure and catalog design, cartoons, screen printing, posters, billboards, business cards and letterheads, has stepped into the box and packaging design sector as of 2012. From the very first moment he started working actively, he made a name for himself in the field of graphic design in a short time thanks to the importance he gave to quality and his determination to achieve the difficult, and continued to grow with firm steps until today without giving up on his principles.

Today, the unchanging principles of Osmanlı Kutu Ambalaj consist of quality, timely delivery and reasonable price. Osmanli Kutu Ambalaj, which works with the principle of honesty and quality in service, is the guarantee of success and continuity, to serve you with the same principles today and in the future; will continue to offer a customer-oriented work by acting as required by its mission.

Thank you for choosing us to stand out from your competitors and grow your current audience.

Delivery time varies by product. Our deadline is as follows:

1. Print approval process

2. Production process

3. Delivery process

İstanbul içi teslimatlar depo adresinize tarafımızca yönlendirilmektedir. İstanbul dışı sevkiyatlarımız anlaşmalı olduğunuz lojistik firmaları ve ya kargo firmaları ile vereceğiniz adrese yönlendirilmektedir.

Of course, our graphic designers will help you in this regard. We provide you with all kinds of support for your products, including pre-press and post-press.

In order to avoid problems in printing, you should work with pictures and texts in CMYK format and images in 300 dpi. If you have used effects (shadow contour, transparent etc.) in your works, you need to convert them into a picture. If you leave it as a lens, you may experience complete distortion or chromatic aberration in the print file.

If you specify the printing, paper and technical specifications of the product you want, together with the numbers, in the e-mail you sent, we will make a special price study for you and get back to you.